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Described by Christopher Columbus as “The Fairest Isle mine eyes ever beheld” – Jamaica is blessed with natural beauty, wonderful tropical climate, and charming people. Located among over 30 territories in the West Indies, Jamaica has many breath-taking sceneries that are known to be some of nature’s finest sights. [Read more About Jamaica … ]

Our Jamaican Parishes

View photo gallery, brief details, maps for Jamaica and for any of the 14 parishes you plan to visit. [Read more … ]

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Whether you’re visiting for business or for pleasure, we know you’ll be captivated by the depths of beauty around our island . . . Every day, you will find, that between each Jamaican sunrise and sunset, there are hours of beautiful experiences to explore, embrace, enjoy, and treasure.  [Read more … ]

View Our Photo Collage

Twenty photos of scenic views from all around our island. [Read more … ]

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Selected links for the tourist/visitor and for Jamaicans living at home and abroad. [Read more … ]

Our Jamaican Store (photo by Jenni Konrad on Flickr)Visit Our Store

Presenting a selection of Jamaican products that you will love to buy . [Read more … ]

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Articles on Jamaican proverbs, folk songs, medicinal herbs and more. [Read more … ]

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