The Things We Ought To Do

In our culture, there are quite a few things that are expected of us; things we ought to say and do, such as:

1. You ought to greet persons with ‘good morning’ first, before conversing with them, asking questions, or giving them instructions etc. When you say ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon/evening/night’ first, it shows that you respect the person; and this form of respect for others, breeds respect..

2. If you are a woman, keep your mouth closed whenever there is an argument taking place; do not participate, do not take sides, and don’t even look directly at the parties involved. You are to “have behaviour“, i.e. be gracious in your dealings with others. If you are addressed by another person in a gruff manner; do not try to retaliate, stir a fight, answer back, show “bad face“, or even justify yourself. Just keep quiet; let the guilty culprit be the other person. When you do this, you will be esteemed highly and praised for you silence; and seen as a woman who understand how to deal with others. But once you open your mouth, especially in a fiesty way; you may be spurned, cussed out or “traced off“, and disliked (even if you standing up for your so-called rights).
3. You ought to keep your surroundings clean. At the start of each day, dust around your work space, remove cobwebs etc. Can you imagine a woman working there and the place stay so! smh. First thing in the morning sweep up the fallen leaves, keep the yard clean. It’s such a shame to see an unkempt yard; eh um! smh. Can you imagine how inside the house stay?
4. When going out for the day, always leave your house in a tidy condition, and wear good undergarments. For should you fall sick on the road, it will be shameful for you to expose tattered undergarments, and if you were to be rushed back to your home, it would be double shame for others to see your messy house.
5. Always spread your bed in the mornings or whenever you get up, and shine your shoes; for if you can master these habits, it says much about your character.

Read our page: About Jamaican Culture
* smh – Internet slang for “shake me head”


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