Who Is That Masked Man?

Playing the lottery can be tempting for some persons, especially when you hear of winnings like 395 million Jamaican dollars, and more. That’s the figure 395 and six zeroes, JA$395,000,000 . . . a little over US$3 million dollars, at the date of writing this post.

Those that hit the jackpot in Jamaica, usually try to disguise themselves with dark glasses, when they go to collect their winnings; but when I saw the disguise of this Lotto winner, I really had to chuckle.

I mean, who is that masked man? I think he could be my long-lost relative (I wished).

The winner is acutaly a man named Mr. C. Duncan, and he got the lucky winning numbers from his mother when they were revealed to her in a dream.

Incidentally, there are many Jamaicans who tend to dream up numbers, myself included; and hence, there are several money-making games and schemes (like Drop Han’ and Cash Pot) for such dreamers, all over our island.

Mr. Duncan, a refrigeration technician, looks more like a pest exterminator when he went to collect his huge cheque. No one could really figure out who he was behind that disguise. Wise guy! Winning JA$75 million is really a great deal now-a days.

For those jackpot winners, who really want to hide their identity, gone are the days when you only wore a hat and dark glasses as a disguise. Believe me, we can all tell who you are to some extent.

Yup, that’s Mr. Powell and Mr. McLaughlin who became multi-millionaires in a day; and I can bet you that many distant relatives and long-lost friends have contacted them since they won.

But none can beat the jackpot winner – Mr. Murray, which is not even his real name.
An I.T. Consultant, “Mr. Murray” wore a black wig, false beard and mustache to collect his winnings.

And imagine this, he said he bought make-up and actually put it on himself.

Even though he won JA$250 million, this man won big in the hearts of many persons when he said that winning this huge jackpot was actually not the best thing that had ever happened to him in his lifetime.

He said “This is great, but it’s not the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. My wife and children are.”

Wonderfully said “Mr. Murray”! You surely have the best perspective on life; you’ll always be a winner in their books.

Another great response was from Mr. C. Duncan, the same masked jackpot winner I mentioned in the beginning. After he gave his mum and all his siblings a gift of a million Jamaican dollars each, Duncan said that if any of his siblings wanted a cut of his riches, they would have to present a sound business plan.

You read right, a sound business plan.

“I am not in the ‘hand out money‘ thing, because if I just hand out they might keep coming back,” Duncan explained. “Further more, I want to make sure that they are earning from it as well.”

I think that’s the way to go. He’s really got a great mind . . . he must surely then be my relative!



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