A Jamaican folk song about a girl who didn’t know what cerasee looked like.

Verse 1
Elena an har muma go a ground,
Elena start bawl fi har belly.
Go home Elena! Go home Elena!
Go boil cerasee fi yuh belly.

Verse 2
Di muma she dig, an’ she plant.
But har mind just a run pon Elena.
She tek up har fork, har basket, and har hoe,
And go home fi go look fi Elena.

Verse 3
When di muma, she ketch a di yard,
She see the bun-pan a fire;
She tek piece-a stick and she stir, and she stir.
A nightshade* a come by the bundle.

Verse 4
Gal a wha dis yuh boil fi yuh belly?
Gal a poison yuh boil fi yuh belly!
Fram you born come a worl’, yuh nuh know cerasee?
Gal yuh foolish! Yuh foolish! Yuh foolish!

Verse 5
Di muma she get some cerasee,
and boil it an’ give to Elena.
Elena go a bed and she sleep, and she sleep.
And wake up without pain a belly.

* Nightshade
This is a flowering vine that is highly toxic.

This is a bitter herb whose leaves and vines are used to make a tea to treat parasitic worms, liver problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, bellyaches, and menstrual cramps. This herb also has detoxifying properties and is used as a blood and body cleanser or as a ‘wash out’ to purge the body. Cerasee is known to cleanse the body of harmful toxins, thereby increasing energy, vitality and stamina.  … Read More


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