The Jamaican Green Lizard And Why Some Jamaicans Are Afraid Of It

The Jamaican green lizard is also called the green anole, Jamaican giant anole (Anolis garmani), and the Jamaican crested anole.Jamaican green lizard, green anole, Jamaican giant anole 

It is found mostly in the West Indies and will eat insects and other small lizards, as well as some vegetal matter [source:]. Jamaican green lizard, green anole, Jamaican giant anole Some Jamaicans are afraid of lizards (and even a picture of a lizard) and these are six reasons why:

  1. They were socialized that way. Most Jamaicans grow up seeing adults (both men and women) running away from lizards, and they eventually do the same thing, and develop a fear of lizards.
  2. Some Jamaicans had had negative experiences with a lizard falling in their hair or clothing, and therefore have a fear of being near lizards.
  3. There is a common belief among Jamaican men, that if a lizard jumps on a man or bites him, it will cause his nature (sexual prowess) to decline. These men will therefore avoid lizards at all costs.
  4. The fourth reason is based on a Jamaican superstition which states that if a lizard falls on you, or lands on your chest,  then either you (a female) or someone close to you, is pregnant or will become pregnant in the near future.
  5. A few Jamaicans believe that green lizards are actually duppies (i.e. ghosts or spirits of dead persons). These spirits take the form of green lizards and will do harm to anyone that interferes with them. It is said that persons should therefore not throw stones at these lizards, since doing so may result in serious illness and even death.
  6. Finally, because seeing a lizard in dreams symbolizes danger, harm, poison, enemies, and death; some Jamaicans will feel threatened and become fearful when they encounter green lizards (and other lizards too). For some persons, it is considered a bad omen to come across a lizard, and they will therefore either avoid being in the same room with the lizard or request to have the lizard removed and/or destroyed. Some persons may even relocate to a new home where there are zero lizards in the environment.Jamaican green lizard, green anole, Jamaican giant anole

In general, most lizards will run away from you, but not so with the adult Jamaican green lizard; it is bolder and will even give the impression of trying to dare you to come closer.

Jamaican green lizard, green anole, Jamaican giant anole 
Come closer nuh, if yuh tink yuh bad!

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