The Lord’s Prayer In Jamaican Patwah (Matthew’s Gospel)

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(Excerpt from Di Jamiekan Nyuu Testiment)
9. So, a so unu fi prie:
‘Wi Faada we iina evn
mek piiple av nof rispek fi yu an yu niem.
10. Mek di taim kom wen yu ruul inna evri wie.
Mek we yu waahn apm pan ort apm, jos laik ou a wa yu waahn fi apm iina evn apm.
11. Tide gi we di fuud we we niid.
12. Paadn wi fi aal a di rang we we du,
siem laik ou wi paadn dem we du wi rang.
13. An no mek we fies notn we wi kaaz wi fi sin,
bot protek wi fram di wikid wan.’
Matyu 6:9-13

(Translated the way most Jamaicans use patwah/patois)
9. So, this is how unu fi pray:
We Father whe inna heaven
Mek people have nuff respect fi yuh and yuh name.
10. Mek the time come when yuh rule inna every way. Mek whe yuh want happen upon earth happen, jus like how a what yuh want fi happen inna heaven happen.
11. Today give we the food whe we need.
12. Pardon wi fi all a the wrong whe we do, same like how we pardon them whe do we wrong.
13. And nuh mek we face nothing whe will cause we fi sin, but protect we from the wicked one.
Matthew 6:9-13

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