Trophis Racemosa – Ra-moon


Family: Moraceae
Genus: Trophis
Species: Racemosa (L.) Urb.

Ra-moon (Trophis racemosa) is a canopy tree belonging to the Moraceae family – the mulberry family or fig family. Its native range is tropical and subtropical America (Mexico to Brazil) and the islands of the West Indies.

The leaves, stems, and bark of this species are used in herbal medicine, and although the tree is popularly used, it remains (in some places) a species evaluated as “least concern for endangerment”.

Description Of Ra-moon (Trophis racemosa):

Trophis racemosa is a perennial, dioecious tree that reaches heights of approx. 10 m – 20 m (32 ft – 65 ft). Its sap is thin, copious, and milky.

The tree blooms long spiky inflorescences that is very densely flowered, having 4 – 15 flowers per spike with powdery white pollen.  The fruits are small, spherical to slightly elongate, fleshy, single-seeded drupes. They are soft when ripe, bright rosy red and eaten by birds.

Ra-moon (Trophis racemosa) is also called Ramoncillo, White Ramoon, and Raw Moon.

Medicinal Properties:

– Insufficient data –
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Medicinal Uses:

  • The bark of Ra-moon is used as an astringent and taken as a tonic to improve appetite and to treat diarrhea.
  • In Jamaica, it is used for its aphrodisiac qualities. The leaves and bark are harvested for making roots drinks and tonics that are marketed as sexual stamina boosters for both men and women. The herb is said to improve fertility and increase sperm count.
  • Trophis racemosa is also used to increase energy and used as a bodybuilder to treat tiredness and fatigue.

Other Uses:

The leaves Ra-moon (Trophis racemosa) make good fodder for lifestock; and in Jamaica, the herb is also used to increase reproduction in animals.

Additional Information:

WARNING: Due to insufficient research on the effects of Trophis racemosa on humans, it is advised that this herb be taken in moderation.

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