Hog hook - Tournefortia hirsutissima (Heliotropium verdcourtii) photo3 by ricardocolonrivera

Tournefortia hirsutissima L. – Hog Hook

Introduction: Family: Boraginaceae Genus: Tournefortia L. Species: Tournefortia hirsutissima L. Hog Hook (Tournefortia hirsutissima L.) is a shrub that often grows as a climbing vine that blooms short curved spikes of fragrant tiny white flowers. This plant, which is native to Mexico, Central and South America, and the West Indies, is also found growing in … Continue reading Tournefortia hirsutissima L. – Hog Hook

Twining Soldierbush (Tournefortia volubilis or Myriopus volubilis) photo by joshuadoby

Tournefortia volubilis – Chigger Nut

Introduction: Family: Boraginaceae Genus: Tournefortia L. Species: Tournefortia volubilis L. Chigger Nut (Tournefortia volubilis L.) belongs to a genus of flowering plants in the borage family, Boraginaceae. Its various synonyms are as follows: homotypic synonym: Myriopus volubilis (L.) Small heterotypic synonyms: Messerschmidia floribunda (Kunth) G. Don; Tournefortia floribunda Kunth; Tournefortia sericea Vahl Tournefortia volubilis L. … Continue reading Tournefortia volubilis – Chigger Nut

Kingston Buttercup (Tribulus cistoides L) photo by ungulateunion

Tribulus cistoides L. – Kingston Buttercup

Introduction: Family: Zygophyllaceae Genus: Tribulus L. Species: Tribulus cistoides L. Kingston Buttercup (Tribulus cistoides L.) is a perennial spreading herb and ground cover that is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. It is a species of shrubs in the family Zygophyllaceae that blooms showy yellow flowers. Some persons regard the Kingston Buttercup as an … Continue reading Tribulus cistoides L. – Kingston Buttercup

Trichilia hirta L. – Wild Mahogany

Introduction: Family: Meliaceae Genus: Trichilia Species: Trichilia hirta L. Wild Mahogany (Trichilia hirta L.) is a tree in the family Meliaceae -  the mahogany family of flowering plants. It is native to Central and South America and the West Indies where it is considered a shade tree or grown as an ornamental tree along streets. … Continue reading Trichilia hirta L. – Wild Mahogany

Tridax procumbens (photo by nickbelliveau)

Tridax procumbens – Bakenbox

Introduction: Family: Asteraceae Genus: Tridax Species: Tridax procumbens Bakenbox (Tridax procumbens) is a herbaceous perennial plant native to Central and South America that is now found widespread in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It is a species of flowering plants in the daisy family (Asteraceae) that is harvested for use as food and … Continue reading Tridax procumbens – Bakenbox