Jamaican Town (Flickr photo by Orbital Joe)

A List Of Jamaican Proverbs From A – Z

░  Our Top Post Created: April 08, 2017 . . Check out our alphabetical listing of Jamaican proverbs and take heed, learn, and also crack a smile! "Proverbs serve an educational and social function; they are used to teach, inspiring caution, courage and (common) sense. Jamaica’s proverbs reflect the innate wit and wisdom of the … Continue reading A List Of Jamaican Proverbs From A – Z

sunset Mayfield Falls photo by adventuresfromelle com

Travel Jamaica – An Adventure Awaits!

Explore Jamaica through the eyes and lens of Rochelle Knight in her blog Adventures From Elle. ░  Read her Travel Jamaica post for starters. ░  Get details about, directions for, and view her photos of some of Jamaica's . . . Beaches | Botanical Gardens | Caves | Mineral Baths & Lagoons | Mountains & Hiking … Continue reading Travel Jamaica – An Adventure Awaits!

The Jamaican Woodpecker (Melanerpes radiolatus)

Jamaican Woodpeckers

Today's photos are of two Jamaican woodpeckers (Melanerpes radiolatu) searching for insects. The photos were taken in March 2016. I read that woodpeckers do not have vocal songs, but they can make chirps, chatters, and other alarm calls. Their main form of communication is by drumming on resonant objects such as hollow trees. Woodpeckers drum … Continue reading Jamaican Woodpeckers

three spotted skipper cymaenes tripunctus tripunctus

The Three-spotted Skipper Butterfly

Another brown butterfly seen in our hill is the Three-spotted Skipper butterfly belonging to the species Cymaenes tripunctus, subspecies Cymaenes tripunctus tripunctus [Ref: #302] This dull-brown butterfly is also called the Dingy Dotted Skipper. The Three-spotted Skipper is so named because of the three tiny transparent white spots found on the leading edge (near … Continue reading The Three-spotted Skipper Butterfly

junonia evarete butterfly (tropical buckeye)

The Junonia Evarete Butterfly (Tropical Buckeye)

The Junonia evarete butterfly (Tropical Buckeye) is a brown butterfly with orange markings, a wide white diffused forewing band (diffused with brown or orange), and eyespots on its wings.   It is also called the Junonia Evarete zonalis butterfly. I read that it is called a buckeye butterfly because of its prominent eyespots which are … Continue reading The Junonia Evarete Butterfly (Tropical Buckeye)

Dryas iulia delila butterfly (Julia Longwing Butterfly)

The Dryas Iulia Delila Butterfly

Today's photos show the Dryas iulia delila butterfly foraging the flower head of a wild vine in our hill. This vibrant orange coloured butterfly - Dryas iulia, is in the family Nymphalidae and belongs to the Jamaican endemic subspecies - delila. Its common name is the Julia Longwing Butterfly. I believe this butterfly is male … Continue reading The Dryas Iulia Delila Butterfly

St Mary (from sweet sweet Jamaica fb pg)

Psalm 137 In Jamaican Patwah – By The Rivers Of Babylon

. Read Psalm 137 in Jamaican Creole, everyday patwah, and English (KJV). . Saamz 137 [in Jamaican Creole based on the JNT] . 1 A di riva waata dem iina Babilan, wi did sidong de, an wi did baal, wen wi memba Zaiyan. 2 Wi tai op wi aap dem pan di wila chrii dem … Continue reading Psalm 137 In Jamaican Patwah – By The Rivers Of Babylon