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thumbnail - jamaica Jamaica

Location: North West region of the Caribbean Sea
Cities: Kingston and Montego Bay (MoBay)
Size: 10, 831 sq km

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thumbnail - clarendonClarendon

Location: The southern side of Jamaica
Capital: May Pen
Size: 1,192.9 sq km (460.6 sq mi)

thumbnail - hanover Hanover

Location: The north-western tip of Jamaica
Capital: Lucea
Size: 450.8 sq km (174.1 sq mi)

thumbnail - kingston Kingston

Location: The south-eastern end of Jamaica
Capital: Kingston
Size: 22.7 km2

thumbnail - manchester Manchester

Location: South-central Jamaica
Capital: Mandeville
Size: 827.8 sq km (319.6 sq mi)

thumbnail - portland Portland

Location: The northeast coast of Jamaica
Capital: Port Antonio
Size: 813.9 km2 (314.3 sq. miles)

thumbnail - st andrew St. Andrew

Location: Southeastern parish in Jamaica
Capital: Half-Way Tree
Size: 434.5 km2

thumbnail - st ann St. Ann

Location: The north coast of Jamaica
Capital: St. Ann’s Bay
Size: 1,210.25 sq km (467.3 sq mi)

thumbnail - st catherine St. Catherine

Location: South Coast of Jamaica
Capital: Spanish Town
Size: 1,190.6 sq km (459.7 sq mi)

thumbnail - st elizabeth St. Elizabeth

Location: The southwest end of Jamaica
Capital: Black River
Size: 1,210.7 sq km (467.5 sq mi)

thumbnail - st james St. James

Location: The north-west end of Jamaica
Capital: Montego Bay
Size: 591.2 sq km (228.2 sq mi)

thumbnail - st mary St. Mary

Location: North-east coast of Jamaica
Capital: Port Maria
Size: 611.3 sq km (236.0 sq mi)

thumbnail - st thomas St. Thomas

Location: Southeastern coast of Jamaica
Capital: Morant Bay
Size: 742.2 km2 (286.5 sq. miles)

thumbnail - trelawny Trelawny

Location: North-west parish in Jamaica
Capital: Falmouth
Size: 874.3 sq km (337.6 sq mi)

thumbnail - westmoreland Westmoreland

Location: West end parish in Jamaica
Capital: Savannah-La-Mar
Size: 785.2 sq km (303.2 sq mi)


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