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The island of Jamaica was discovered by Christopher Columbus on Tuesday 3rd May, 1464.


The parish of Clarendon was named in honour of Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon, England.


The parish of Hanover was formed in 1723 and named in honour of the British Monarch, George I


Kingston was formed in 1692 after the earthquake in Port Royal.


The parish of Manchester was named after Colonel William Montague – the 5th Duke of Manchester,


The parish of Portland was named after the Duke of Portland, who was the Governor of Jamaica when the parish was formed in 1723.

St. Andrew

The parish of Saint Andrew was formed in 1867.

St. Ann

Saint Ann is the translation for “Santa Ana” – the name given to this parish by Christopher Columbus;

St. Catherine

Saint Catherine was named after Queen Catherine – wife of King Charles II

St. Elizabeth

The parish of Saint Elizabeth was named in honour of Lady Elizabeth Modyford, the wife of the Governor of Jamaica in 1670.

St. James

The parish of Saint James was named in honour of James – Duke of York, who later became King James II of England.

St. Mary

The parish of Saint Mary was formed during 1655 – 1675.

St. Thomas

The parish of Saint Thomas was named after Baron Thomas Hickman-Windsor who was the Governor of Jamaica in 1662.


The parish of of Trelawny was named after Sir William Trelawny, who was the Governor of Jamaica when the parish was formed in 1770. 


The parish of Westmoreland was formed in 1703 and named after the English county Westmoreland.