The Sounds Of Jamaican Radio

If you love tuning-in to Jamaican radio, then you’ll enjoy our shortlist of popular radio stations broadcasting on our island. Listen to programmes of diverse genres – Caribbean music, pop, sports, Christian, talk, news, and more. Keep informed, be entertained, sing along, and dance!

To begin, simple select the link for any station below and listen to live Jamaican radio.

.88.1 FM. MELLO FM
.88.5 FM. TBC Radio
.89.5 FM. KLAS ESPN Sports Radio
.90.0 FM. NationWide Radio
.91.1 FM. NCU FM
.91.7 FM. Gospel JA FM
.92.1 FM. Hitz 92 – 92.1 FM

.94.1 FM. RJR 94 FM
.95.7 FM. FAME FM
.97.1 FM. Kool 97 FM
.98.7 FM. Mega Jamz 98 FM
103.0 FM. Zip 103 FM
104.9 FM. SunCity 104.9 FM
106.1 FM. POWER FM


To access even more radio stations, visit to enjoy great Jamaican radio programming.

Photo: The Skatalites | Live in Montevideo by Montecruz Foto on Flickr


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